LMC produces a full line of support equipment which enhances our system designs.

LMC’s engineering is about maximizing efficiency. System processes are constantly being evaluated for improvements and innovations.

Air Locks

Flexible tips • Stainless construction available

Belt Conveyors

Slider trough • Trough & Idler

Belt Elevators

Lagged head pulleys and slatted boot pulleys • High capacity units

Inspection / Picking Tables

Widths from 18” to 48” • Lengths from 4’ to 20’ • Stainless contacts available

Random Fans

Material handling fans • Efficient backward inclined centrifugal fans

Roll Feeders

Various models available for different products • Farmers stock peanuts • In-shell almonds • Seed and grain

Ag Equipment

Peanut Dryers • Ag Sprayers • Chemical Applicators

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