The LMC Pneumatic Farmers’ Stock Sampler merges LMC quality and a modern design with the operating principles of the traditional farmers’ stock peanut samplers. User-friendly features enable the operator to sample loads up to 30% faster than traditional samplers; streamlining the receiving process and reducing truck traffic congestion on the site. The LMC Pneumatic Farmer’s Stock Sampler is designed and manufactured to meet Federal State Inspection Service and United States Department of Agriculture standards.

Pneumatic Sampler Features & Options

An 8-way joystick is utilized to control travel and reduce sampling time.

Automatically detects the amount of peanuts in the bin and provides consistently measured samples for the grading room.

VFDs control all motors to provide smooth operation and peak electrical efficiency.

A 20’ tube with replaceable tip enables the user to sample hopper bottom trailers, as well as conventional drying semi trailers and wagons.

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