LMC Bean Processing Equipment

You know beans, and we know the equipment that helps you do your job with maximum productivity and efficiency in mind. LMC has the ability to provide chief insight on how to maximize product purity while handling your product with the utmost care.

We know the most important thing to you is to receive the highest return on your product with top quality. LMC prides itself in giving back the most product with the smallest amount of shrinkage.

Bean Processing Equipment Manufactured by LMC


LMC Aspirators are designed for product separation by density and aerodynamic profile. Multiple configurations available.

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ADVENT Cleaners

The Advent has proven to be the most efficient cleaner available and is used in many different processing industries.

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Sizing Shakers

LMC Sizing Shakers are used to separate dry, flowable products by specific size. Our sizing shakers have proven themselves over the years by separating products such as peanuts, almonds, beans, and much more.

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The LMC Destoner has a reputation for being the most reliable, user-friendly and efficient destoner available.

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Gravity Separators

The LMC Marc Gravity Separator is the leader in making fine, definite separations.

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Easy Dump Elevators

LMC Elevators are typical of the innovative nature valued by LMC.

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Vibratory Conveyors

The LMC Vibratory Conveyors exhibit the versatility and customizable aspects of LMC equipment.

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