The LMC Marc Gravity Separator is the pinnacle of gravity separators. The Marc enables operators to make fine, definite separations with ease. The Marc eliminates the need for a middle cut and is the only gravity separator with an automatic discharge system.

So whether you are processing seeds, edible beans, peanuts, or tree nuts, the Marc Series Gravity Separator is the machine of choice.

Gravity Separator Features & Options

The ripple deck design gives the deck covering more traction for the separation process. A more complete and distinct product separations is achieved.

The pressure driven discharge system eliminates the need for constant monitoring and adjusting as the product flow fluctuates.

Multi-lights adjustable gates enable precise control when adjusting light product discharge.

A greater bed depth than other gravity separators actually allows LMC’s Gravity Separator to use the product to make more precise separations.

On the deck recirculation eliminates the need to have middle cuts. Middle cuts, with more handling, increase product damage. Gone are the blends seen on other gravity separators.

The fluidized bed is created using a single, super-quiet, high efficiency fan.

The three component deck system (deck cap, insert, diffusion plate) is designed for sanitation and allows for easy removal and clean-out between product changes.

Reliability, durability, and flexibility have a great impact on a facility’s bottom line. The precise mechanical design features, robust design, extreme flexibility, and ease of operation have ensured the LMC Gravity is the industry leader.

The Marc is designed per food quality construction standards. The finishes and contact surfaces meet the rigid requirements for proper sanitation. Sanitary design is particularly important in today’s processing where our customers are continuously changing between food products. The Marc is self cleaning and the screens can be changed between food products. Our customers find the Marc Series bolsters their ability to produce cleaner and safer food products.

LMC supplies not only the domestic U.S. market but as one of the largest exporters in south Georgia, we export gravity separators all over the world. Our equipment is currently operating on every continent with the exception of Antarctica.

  • Counterbalanced construction
  • Automatic discharge
  • Optional remote control panel with variable frequency drives
  • Optional dust hood
  • Optional stainless steel product contact surfaces

Model Specifications

Eccentric HP
Fan HP
500 XL

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