The LMC Prehuller is designed to improve the efficiency of down-line almond processing operations and increase bin storage by removing 10-15% of the hulls from certain varieties of almonds. This process is performed by utilizing a pin beater to remove the almond hulls without damaging the almond product. The built-in aspirator removes the hulls from the remaining processing circuit, allowing the sorting, sifting, and shell-removal equipment to work more efficiently and effectively.

If you want to increase the productivity of the almond equipment and utilize your bin storage space more effectively, a LMC Prehuller is what you need.


  • Model 24 – 24 inches wide with a capacity of 15 tons on inhull almonds per hour
  • Model 48 – 48 inches wide with a capacity of 30 tons of inhull almonds per hour
  • Model 72 – 72 inches wide with a capacity of 45 tons of inhull almonds per hour

Almond Prehuller Features & Options

Belt drive can be fixed or variable speed

  • Style I (inline) or Style II (crossflow) grates for decreased or increased aggressiveness, respectively
  • Three sizes of grates available in each configuration for efficiency when prehulling different varieties

Built-in aspiration is available for dust control on all models.

Optional bypass valve for product diversion when conditions are not ideal for Prehuller operation.

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