The Advent Cleaner separates contaminants from the desirable product using both aspiration and screening. Using an extremely accurate aspirator prior to the screener, the Advent Cleaner removes the small, light contaminants to improve the accuracy of the screening process.

Removal of this light material and dust before screening leads to less screen blinding and more accuracy. The aspirator’s extended air column and precisely designed internal features make it the most efficient unit in the industry and also eliminates the need for the bottom blast fans required by conventional seed cleaners. As the aspirator discharges undesirable light contaminants through the airlock, the good product is gently lowered onto the screener to begin the sifting and scalping processes. The 24” screen sections enable the mixing and matching screens to achieve precision counts unattainable with other cleaners. Advent Cleaners are available for all capacities and can be customized to each processor’s unique needs.

Advent Features & Options

The variable speed roll feeder evenly distributes product to the aspirator and enables the operator to easily and accurately adjust the flow to the desired capacity.

Reinforced ball trays utilize welded rods to provide the optimum rebound rate for the 2” diameter rubber balls used to prevent screen blockage.

While the screening configuration can be designed to any particular need, the first section is normally a sifting process to remove the smallest reject particles. After the initial sifting, the product rides to the scalping area of the top deck. A draper curtain is used over the scalping screens to prevent the sticks, pods, or any oversized material from standing on end and passing through the screen perforations with the good product. After passing through the scalping screens, the product is discharged to the lower deck for additional sifting and sizing. The bottom deck will precisely grade the product to any particular count and can be equipped with multiple discharges to satisfy production specifications. All screens are mounted on 24” wide tubular steel frames that are easily handled during screen changeover.

To keep the screener from becoming an expensive conveyor, the product must be properly distributed to the screens. If the product depth is too deep, the product cannot find the screen to separate. In most cases, the siftings are generally lighter than the good product and a deep product flow compounds the sifting process. The lighter siftings will migrate to the top of the flow as the product travels down the eccentric driven deck. To gain capacity and overcome this piggy-back ride of the siftings, the LMC Advent can be configured with decks up to 7’ wide to properly spread the product across the screens. Sizing technology dictates width for capacity and length for precision. Advent Cleaners can be configured with decks up to 20’ in length to precisely screen products at high flow rates.

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