The LMC Destoner has a reputation for being the most reliable, user-friendly and efficient destoner available. The heavy-duty construction offers years of service life with minimal attention. No other destoner can match the ease of operation of the LMC. An exact separation can be achieved with a few simple adjustments.

The LMC Destoner is designed with food-quality construction standards in mind. The three-component deck system (deck cap, insert, diffusion plate) is designed for easy removal when changing products or performing routine sanitation. Sanitary design is particularly important in today’s processing environment where customers are continuously changing between products or varieties. LMC offers several different product contact materials for total customization in order to adhere to the customer’s food safety specifications.

Versatility is a trademark the LMC Destoner. An array of options such as stainless steel contacts, dust hoods, VFD controls, and multiple deck configurations are offered to suit the needs of every customer. Several different models and sizes of destoner are available to achieve desired capacities. LMC Destoners are currently being utilized in the edible, seed and recyclable industries.

Destoner Features & Options

A more complete and distinct product separation is achieved with the superior traction provided by the rippled deck insert.

Utilizing a high efficiency bottom fan, the Roca series destoner enables the user to make precise air adjustments with one simple control. Multiple air adjustments are not necessary to obtain proper bed fluidization.

The Roca series destoner is offered with a discharge system to meet every need. Decks with individual discharge gates or automatic discharge systems are available.

  • All working parts are enclosed so there is less risk of injury during operation or while making adjustments.
  • Variable Frequency Drive controls for fan and eccentric speed
  • Dust hood
  • Stainless steel contact surfaces

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