18 Jul

AGD Grand Opening

Long time LMC customers and friends, AGD, based in General Deheza, Cordoba, Argentina, recently held the grand opening of their latest processing facility, a LMC designed almond hulling and shelling plant in Mendoza Province, Argentina.

While Mendoza is noted for its wine production and has had small almond facilities for years, this is the first commercial almond operation built to world processing standards.

Argentinian President, Sr. Mauricio Macri, was there to join in, to speak and to congratulate the AGD team and the Urquia family for their vision and action in developing a larger almond market for Argentine farmers.

Congratulations to the LMC design team, led by company president, Joey Trice, for a job well done. Joey was there for the commissioning of the plant and the initial training of the AGD personnel in using LMC almond equipment. Initial reports from the first year’s operation are that their customers are pleased and that the almonds are fantastic.

AGD is an integrated agricultural industrial complex whose main activity include production of corn, peanut, soy and sunflower oils, vegetable protein meals, shelled peanuts, as well as manufacturers of mayonnaise, ketchup and other sauces. AGD and LMC have been friends and for over 35 years.

Thank you and congratulations!