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LMC Signs New Team Members During Ceremony at Early County High School
17 May

LMC Signs New Team Members During Ceremony at Early County High School

There is a great deal of fanfare which revolves around college athletes making known their commitment to professional teams. Not to diminish their many years of hard work and dedication but they shouldn’t be the only ones we celebrate when students enter the workforce.

“The real stars,” according to Tim Spooner, one of the instructors at Early County High School, “are the ones who can turn the lights on when the power goes out.” We could not agree with him more and this is a major reason why LMC would like to welcome two new members to our team, Amber Craft and Brandon Cook, as part of Early County High School’s first ever signing ceremony.

These two high school seniors with a passion for welding focused on LMC as their first breach into what could become a lifelong career with limitless possibilities.

Prior to the signing ceremony both Ms. Craft and Mr. Cook actually visited the LMC facility to see what it would be like to work as a welder in a professional setting. Stan Kennedy, Parts and Service Manager, was able to walk them through the process, and following the orientation, they were even given our standard welding test, which they passed with flying colors.

It’s not often we get to celebrate the youth of today, especially during a pandemic of all times. So, we would like share our gratitude to their parents, their instructor Espy Smith, Dr. Shanice Richards (Career, Technical, and Agricultural Education Director) and all the faculty and staff at Early County High School for their efforts in bringing up great students which we hope can continue their trajectory of success with LMC!

LMC Hosts Representatives from Southern Regional Technical College: Bainbridge Campus
07 Apr

LMC Hosts Representatives from Southern Regional Technical College: Bainbridge Campus

Relationships are important to foster growth regardless of the business. That said, LMC was grateful to welcome Susanne Reynolds, Amy Carter, and Marvin Bannister, representatives from Southern Regional Technical College: Bainbridge Campus.

As we all look forward to a post-Covid future, we still need to address the needs of today which include asking the tough questions of where the top talent will come from to help fill positions at LMC.

There are many challenges, both seen and unseen. With the help of SRTC, we hope to tackle them head-on with the right foresight and planning.

Marcus Carter (CEO), Stan Kennedy (Manager, Parts and Service), Buck Jones (Manager, Sales Engineering and Production), and Thomas Fye (Manager, Machine Shop) were all able to share their stories and backgrounds to help shed some light on the issues LMC is facing.

After a brief tour of the facility, plans were made for LMC to visit the SRTC campus in Bainbridge to determine how to best mesh LMC’s capabilities with SRTC’s.

The future is bright with opportunities. Luckily, we have plenty of welding hoods at the ready for the best, hard-working people!

LMC Hosts Students from Seminole County Middle High School
21 Jan

LMC Hosts Students from Seminole County Middle High School

Every single day is a blessing and today was no exception when LMC was able to host a small group of students from Seminole County Middle High School. It was a blessing because 2021 is a new year to carry on with the best parts of last year which included a shared opportunity with our local community to promote a promising future to our young adults. The group today was the first of the year and they included students from SCMHS welding class chaperoned by Dusty Smith, Cindy Bryant, and the school’s principal, Shane Purdy, who were all able to see firsthand some of LMC’s inner workings.

LMC’s Parts and Service Manager, Stan Kennedy, led the group around the different parts of the facility but this was also part of a process to initiate the students to a real world experience and what they could do upon completion of their high school education. Following the orientation, the students were then offered the opportunity to try their hand at an LMC welding test. It speaks well to their instructor, Mr. Smith, that they all did well enough on their tests to be considered for employment with LMC if they so desired welding positions.

Shortly afterwards, the group returned to the Agricultural facility on the SCMHS campus for lunch and a brief instructional video about LMC’s turnkey shelling facility, Premium Peanut located in Douglas, Georgia followed by a question and answer session.

As a major manufacturer in Georgia, LMC has a vested interest to nurture these kinds of relationships, especially with students curious and eager to know what lies ahead, because their future and success is just as much our own. We would like to thank them for the opportunity to share what we have to offer and look forward to seeing them again!

04 Sep

Production Engineering Draftsperson

Production Engineering Draftsperson

Scope of Position

The Production Engineering Draftsperson will be responsible for individual machine
designs per sales order specifications. The ideal candidate will also possess the
necessary administrative skills to document their progress and will regularly collaborate
with customers, production department, and sales team. Some travel and overtime may
be required.


● 2 year drafting degree or technical certificate
● 3D CAD software such as Auto Desk Inventor (preferred), SolidWorks, etc.
● 2D CAD Software such as AutoCad
● Microsoft Office Products: Excel, Powerpoint, Word, etc.
● 2 years experience in 3D CAD software is preferred


● Interpret the information given from a sales order
● Design the equipment to meet desired specifications
● Make accurate detailed drawings for customer approval and fabrication purposes
● Assist Sales and parts department with drawings or specifications.

Please visit https://www.lmcarter.com/jobs/ to apply.

04 Aug

Job Posting: Maintenance Manager

Maintenance Manager

Scope of Position

The Maintenance Manager will oversee all installation, repair and upkeep operations of the company’s facilities. A great maintenance manager will have a solid understanding of plumbing and electrical systems as well as carpentry and other crafts. They will be well-versed in all maintenance processes and health and safety regulations. The ideal candidate will also have aptitude in undertaking administrative tasks such as reporting, budgeting etc.The goal is to ensure the company facilities are well-cared for and adequate to support the company’s business operations.

Key Responsibilities

● Develop maintenance procedures and ensure implementation
● Carry out inspections of the facilities to identify and resolve issues
● Plan and oversee all repair and installation activities
● Allocate workload and supervise the maintenance staff
● Monitor equipment inventory and place orders when necessary
● Monitor expenses and control the budget for maintenance
● Manage relationships with contractors and service providers
● Keep maintenance logs and report on daily activities
● Ensure health and safety policies are complied with


● High School Diploma or GED equivalent
● Technical degree or certificate in electrical or industrial maintenance (preferred)
● A minimum of 5 years experience in Manufacturing Facility Maintenance
● 1 year minimum experience in a leadership role
● Strong verbal and written communication skills

Please visit https://www.lmcarter.com/jobs/ to apply.

The LMC Pneumatic Sampler
06 Jan

The LMC Pneumatic Sampler

The LMC Pneumatic Sampler merges LMC quality and a modern design with the operating principles of the traditional farmers’ stock peanut samplers. Some of the user-friendly features include inverter duty motors with variable frequency drives, a pulsating divider, and an 8-way joystick to control travel. Contact an LMC representative for more information. We’ll be glad to assist you.

New Donalsonville Peanut Blanching Facility Holds Ribbon Cutting Ceremony
21 Aug

New Donalsonville Peanut Blanching Facility Holds Ribbon Cutting Ceremony

In just a little over 12 months time, from concept to reality, LMC and APG worked to bring a new peanut blanching facility to fruition in Donalsonville.

The ribbon-cutting ceremony included a brief tour of the brand-new operation which will bring jobs to the local area and the state of Georgia.

11 Mar

GAFSIS peanut grading redesign making progress

Article By Georgia Farm Bureau

The redesign of the grading/inspection process the Georgia Federal-State Inspection Service (GAFSIS) uses to inspect peanuts farmers bring to buying points is a step closer to completion, project leaders say.

Engineers from the Georgia Institute of Technology, USDA Agricultural Research Service (ARS), Lewis M. Carter (LMC) Manufacturing Company and University of Georgia (UGA) have been working to update the GAFSIS grading system since April 2017. The team gave an update of their progress during a meeting held in Albany Feb. 28.

“Our goal is to have an initial working prototype [of the new system] for the Georgia Federal-State Inspection Service this fall to test it out,” said Dr. Doug Britton, manager of the Georgia Tech Agricultural Technology Research Program.

Read the rest of the article here…

Rebuilt LMC Model 8448 Farmer’s Stock Peanut Cleaner For Sale!
05 Mar

Rebuilt LMC Model 8448 Farmer’s Stock Peanut Cleaner For Sale!

Rebuilt LMC Model 8448 Farmer’s Stock Peanut Cleaner For Sale!

Serial Number 8702 (originally built in 1987).

Though over 30 years old, this Cleaner has received a complete overhaul and is eager to get back to work.

It will carry a 1 year warranty and you can expect its capacity to be reliably between 12 to 15 tons per hour of Farmer’s stock peanuts.

Cleaner also includes the following:
– Roll Feeder
– Sand removal screens with ball tray cleaning
– Aspiration system for hay and pops
– 48″ Destoner
– Stick Belt Kit
– LSK removal screens with ball tray cleaning

If you’re interested please don’t hesitate to contact the LMC Peanut Sales Department!

(229) 524.2197
(800) 332.8232