17 May

LMC Signs New Team Members During Ceremony at Early County High School

There is a great deal of fanfare which revolves around college athletes making known their commitment to professional teams. Not to diminish their many years of hard work and dedication but they shouldn’t be the only ones we celebrate when students enter the workforce.

“The real stars,” according to Tim Spooner, one of the instructors at Early County High School, “are the ones who can turn the lights on when the power goes out.” We could not agree with him more and this is a major reason why LMC would like to welcome two new members to our team, Amber Craft and Brandon Cook, as part of Early County High School’s first ever signing ceremony.

These two high school seniors with a passion for welding focused on LMC as their first breach into what could become a lifelong career with limitless possibilities.

Prior to the signing ceremony both Ms. Craft and Mr. Cook actually visited the LMC facility to see what it would be like to work as a welder in a professional setting. Stan Kennedy, Parts and Service Manager, was able to walk them through the process, and following the orientation, they were even given our standard welding test, which they passed with flying colors.

It’s not often we get to celebrate the youth of today, especially during a pandemic of all times. So, we would like share our gratitude to their parents, their instructor Espy Smith, Dr. Shanice Richards (Career, Technical, and Agricultural Education Director) and all the faculty and staff at Early County High School for their efforts in bringing up great students which we hope can continue their trajectory of success with LMC!