07 Apr

LMC Hosts Representatives from Southern Regional Technical College: Bainbridge Campus

Relationships are important to foster growth regardless of the business. That said, LMC was grateful to welcome Susanne Reynolds, Amy Carter, and Marvin Bannister, representatives from Southern Regional Technical College: Bainbridge Campus.

As we all look forward to a post-Covid future, we still need to address the needs of today which include asking the tough questions of where the top talent will come from to help fill positions at LMC.

There are many challenges, both seen and unseen. With the help of SRTC, we hope to tackle them head-on with the right foresight and planning.

Marcus Carter (CEO), Stan Kennedy (Manager, Parts and Service), Buck Jones (Manager, Sales Engineering and Production), and Thomas Fye (Manager, Machine Shop) were all able to share their stories and backgrounds to help shed some light on the issues LMC is facing.

After a brief tour of the facility, plans were made for LMC to visit the SRTC campus in Bainbridge to determine how to best mesh LMC’s capabilities with SRTC’s.

The future is bright with opportunities. Luckily, we have plenty of welding hoods at the ready for the best, hard-working people!