22 Sep

LMC has welders in all sizes.

The “C” in LMC may stand for Carter but it could also stand for connection. As welding is the physical bond between two or more metals, the practice of welding is what brings all these team members together. All with different backgrounds, the task of welding is just a small part of their abilities. Granted, Whiddon probably has the most experience with welding as he’s “done it his whole life.” But one thing he likes about LMC is that there’s always something to challenge him here.

As the most recent hire, Craft splits her hands-on time in the shop with the occasional task of welding but also helping with assembly and fabrication. The other half of the day is spent in the Sales Engineering department learning the CAD aspect behind the design of LMC machinery.

Bodeen studied welding at Tulsa Welding School in Jacksonville and moved to Donalsonville to be close to her grandparents. Her two-year-old son Cassius was born in Bainbridge, Ga. Asked what she liked the most about LMC, she said, “the friendly atmosphere.”

Cowart went to school for welding in Thomasville at Southern Regional Technical College and was actually homeless and living in her car at the time she was recruited to work at LMC. After 6 years of employment, she now has a place to call home here in Donalsonville.

We are grateful for all of their talent and dedication. Their stories are not unlike many others who began their careers here at LMC. The doors of opportunity to advance themselves are connected with the basic skill set of simply knowing how to join metal together.