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29 Mar

Congratulations to LMC’s Graduates of the “Unlocking Hidden Costs of Welding” Class


Key persons listed below have graduated the “Unlocking Hidden Costs of Welding” class held at Airgas South in Bessemer Alabama. Two key aspects of this class was reducing costs of welds and producing quality welds for a given weld joint. The primary concern regarding cost was over-welding, putting a larger weld on a joint than what was needed. Welds were made then the joint was cut and etched to show if proper weld penetration had been attained. Quality was addressed as well. Students learned that minor changes in welder settings could significantly reduce weld spatter and undercut. With these things in mind LMC is reviewing current weld specifications and developing new weld specification for all our weld joints.

Mike Woodall Production Manager
Bret Johnson Production Scheduler
John Kennamore Quality Control Manager
Mike Chancey Production Line Foreman
Stanley Brackin Production Line Foreman
Jacob Jackson Production Line Foreman
Patrick O’Hearn Parts Department Supervisor