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2020 LMC EOTY & Service Awards
12 Jan

2020 LMC EOTY & Service Awards

Normally, LMC would have liked to recognize the people who helped us to forge ahead through 2020 at our annual Christmas gathering but you can easily imagine why that didn’t happen. So, it is with a great appreciation and gratitude that we celebrate some of the best things that happened last year. Although you may not see everyone’s faces, what is most evident is their dedication to help make LMC what it is today; a company with an enduring commitment to quality in building World Class Machinery. We keep our standards high even when the going gets tough and with that, LMC would like to share with you our 2020 Employee of the Year and Service Awards recipients!

The following were not featured in the accompanying video at the time of production but still are formally recognized:
Employee of the Year – Bending Dept. / Service Award (5 Years): Jeff Stewart
Employee of the Year – Night Crew: Vashun Moore
Service Award (20 Years): Ronald Donalson
Service Award (5 Years): Benjamin Leonard, III
Service Award (5 Years): Brian Henry
Service Award (5 Years): Jeffrey Stewart
Perfect Attendance: Earline Sanders
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Beatrice Peanuts
12 Dec

Beatrice Peanuts

Peanuts are an international food. And where you can find peanuts, you’ll also most likely find some LMC machinery.

This is especially true if you have recently traveled to Tupa, São Paulo, Brazil. Grupo DAQ, our sales representatives for Argentina and Brazil, with LMC consultation, designed a Farmer’s Stock Peanut input shelling plant called Beatrice Peanut.  Read more »

Lewis Travels to South Africa
19 Jun

Lewis Travels to South Africa

Alfons Visser and me inside Golden’s latest peanut shelling plant in Hartswater. I first met Alfons about 12 years ago and we began both our business and personal relationships. He has since partnered with Golden to expand their operations here in South Africa. Without any doubt, Dirk Lindsey, who worked here as Operations Director for 2 years, was a vital player in getting this project started. Dirk, a native of Stephenville, Texas, is so respected here, the made him an honorary Afrikaaner. Well done Dirk.! You’d be so proud of Dawie and Manie.

The first peanuts going into a LMC shelling cylinder in Golden Peanut and Tree Nut’s new peanut shelling plant in Hartswater, Northern Cape, Republic of South Africa. The LMC process design has been installed here using some new LMC equipment as well as used LMC from within Golden’s system in the U.S.
All involved, particularly Dawie Snyman, on the left and Manie van der Merwe, have devoted endless hours to take an idea and make it a reality. Jackie Williams and I were in constant contact advising, as well as reviewing the installation ‘s progress. These two built teams.as well a new shelling. So happy for them and those working with them. 
While there has been a lot of LMC equipment in South Africa since 1976, This is the first complete LMC design in South Africa and from what we saw today, it will meet and exceed all expectations. Jackie Williams and I were elated to be here and help with an amazingly trouble free start up. 
There were a lot of smiles in Hartswater today! Our thanks to all involved.

My and Rapie Visser’s best sides as we check out the installation of his latest LMC machines. As always, Rapie did a great job. This is an inshell pecan cleaning and grading facility at Besters in Hartswater, Northern Cape, South Africa. He is receiving, cleaning and grading around 8 tons per hour. Jackie Williams and I visited Bester and 3 more new LMC installations in Hartswater.

Working for Golden Peanut and Tree Nut around the world. This is a peanut receiving cleaner in Hoopstad, North West Province, South Africa. Whether the U.S., South Africa or Argentina, we certainly appreciate our business with Golden.

Thank You
31 Jan

Thank You

LMC would like to thank all of the people who donated goods and other supplies to help our friends and families in Albany, Georgia. We will continue our efforts to bring assistance to those in need so please feel free to share what you can. You can reach us by calling toll free at 800-332-8232 or sending checks or money order donations, gift cards, canned goods, clothing, school supplies, and personal care products to P.O. Box 428, 615 Highway 84 West, Donalsonville, GA 39845 and we’ll do our best to pass your goodwill to those who could use it most.

Visitors from China
23 Oct

Visitors from China


Left to right; Jackie Williams, Yan Jianchun, Joey Trice, Xie Huanxiong, Ignacio Pittaro

The end of this week put the wraps on the Sunbelt Ag Expo which is also known as “North America’s Premier Farm Show”. LMC Ag had a booth showcasing our own agricultural products and it was there Lewis M. Carter, Jr. had the opportunity to meet with some representatives from the Nanjing Research Institute for Agricultural Mechanization at the Ministry of Agriculture in China. They were interested to learn more about our cleaning and shelling equipment.

Lewis directed them to our facility in Donalsonville where Xie Huanxiong, a Researcher, and Yan Jianchun, Research Assistant, got to meet with Jackie Williams, Joey Trice, and Ignacio Pittaro, our sales rep for Argentina and Brazil. Xie and Yan were welcomed to see our manufacturing operations and treated to a brief tour of the nearby APG processing plant so they could experience, firsthand, the real-world application of our world class machinery. In short, it was a great meeting of mutual international interests.