12 Jan

2020 LMC EOTY & Service Awards

Normally, LMC would have liked to recognize the people who helped us to forge ahead through 2020 at our annual Christmas gathering but you can easily imagine why that didn’t happen. So, it is with a great appreciation and gratitude that we celebrate some of the best things that happened last year. Although you may not see everyone’s faces, what is most evident is their dedication to help make LMC what it is today; a company with an enduring commitment to quality in building World Class Machinery. We keep our standards high even when the going gets tough and with that, LMC would like to share with you our 2020 Employee of the Year and Service Awards recipients!

The following were not featured in the accompanying video at the time of production but still are formally recognized:
Employee of the Year – Bending Dept. / Service Award (5 Years): Jeff Stewart
Employee of the Year – Night Crew: Vashun Moore
Service Award (20 Years): Ronald Donalson
Service Award (5 Years): Benjamin Leonard, III
Service Award (5 Years): Brian Henry
Service Award (5 Years): Jeffrey Stewart
Perfect Attendance: Earline Sanders
Music credit: https://freesound.org/people/tictac9/sounds/514828/