AgroCrops plant in India features LMC equipment
17 May

AgroCrops plant in India features LMC equipment

We received some great shots of a job we finished in India. LMC did the design work and the customer built and installed everything based off of our designs. However, it was really by the grace of God we were able to complete this project literally half a world away from Donalsonville. Here’s why; part way through this project a computer glitch deleted a large portion of what we had completed. We had some reference files which weren’t affected so, luckily, we didn’t have to start completely from scratch but most of our 3D files had to be completely redone so it might has well have been. We took a deep breath, redoubled our efforts, and forged ahead. These things happen but problems are really solutions in disguise. This data loss did give us the opportunity to see things with a fresh eye. As a result, there were some minor changes in the process that were made to our original designs versus what was actually built. These changes actually improved our original intent. In the end, this AgroCrops facility is now responsible for cleaning and sizing shelled peanuts at a rate of 25,000 pounds per hour!

LMC Featured in Almond Advantage
11 May

LMC Featured in Almond Advantage

LMC’s Company Background

The story of LMC Manufacturing Company begins in the fields of Donalsonville, Georgia, in the spring of 1941. From humble beginnings, LMC has grown to become a global leader in the manufacturing of separation equipment. While LMC’s reputation for innovation and craftsmanship drives the business forward, the family-run operation is still built on the founding principles of the late Henry Marcus Carter. Marc Carter developed the concept for the modern peanut sheller, forever changing the way peanuts are shelled.

When the business was sold to his son Lewis in 1961, there were ten employees servicing the Tri-State area of Georgia, Florida, and Alabama. Lewis Sr. established the systems design theory that LMC is famous for today. His analytical ability, together with his son’s sales and marketing drive, helped grow the business worldwide and establish new markets in the almond, seed, grain, and pulse processing industries. In 1988, Lewis Sr. sold the business to his son, the now current owner Lewis Jr.

Inspired by his father, Lewis led the company to new heights. Today, LMC Manufacturing Company employs more than 200 people and occupies over 300,000 square feet under roof. LMC’s growth has been attributed to several major factors, such as custom engineering. At LMC, product development is in the DNA.

In today’s business climate of emerging nations and large economies, machinery needs to run 24/7, so customer satisfaction is a primary focus of LMC’s parts and service department. LMC’s service crew operates like a fire department, providing around-the-clock dispatch services, if required. Moving forward is a company mantra and LMC has its sights set firmly on the future. With such a rich heritage, it is no surprise that LMC Manufacturing has the leadership to drive the company forward for generations to come.

LMC’s Almond Background

LMC’s first equipment was sold into the San Joaquin and Sacramento Valleys in 1985. A destoner originally sold to remove stones from peanut kernels was seen by Lewis Jr. operating on almond kernels earlier that year. After reviewing its performance and superb separation, he immediately scheduled a trip to California. The first machines sold into the market specifically for almond processing were gravity separators. Due to their large success, it was only a few years before LMC sizing shakers and gentle conveyance equipment, along with density separation equipment, had completely permeated the market.

Within the next 15-20 years, LMC acquired an existing business in Ripon (Mid State Manufacturing Company) and started a new business in Riverbank (LMC West). This company move cemented LMC in both the almond processing and air separation businesses, as product specific lines were introduced to the company’s existing lines. Over the years, LMC has become the world leader in the development of almond processing machinery, never being content with current designs or methods. These characteristics are representative of a company committed to making the industry better as a whole. These characteristics are representative of LMC, a proud member and sponsor of the Almond Alliance of California.

25 Apr

BSC nominates LMC and BASF for manufacturer of the year award

Bainbridge State College is pleased to announce its 2017 Manufacturer of the Year nominees.

Attapulgus Global Refining Catalyst, BASF has been nominated in the medium category (151-500 employees), along with Donalsonville’s Lewis M. Carter Manufacturing (LMC) also in the medium category for the 2017 Manufacturer of the Year in Georgia.

Each year the Technical College System of Georgia institutions across the state nominate industries in specific categories in hopes of them named Manufacturer of the Year by Gov. Nathan Deal. The winners will be announced during Manufacturing Appreciate Week, which will be celebrated April 24—28, 2017.

Read the full article at bainbridge.edu.

Continuous Improvement Project
20 Apr

Continuous Improvement Project

Another continuous improvement project has been completed here at LMC. We added a bridge gantry to our overhead rail crane which will make the handling of our large equipment safer but will also add greater efficiency. This took place on Line 4 which is where we assemble the Amadas machines, our shakers, deck shoes, and various elevators and platforms.

LMC Hosts Bainbridge High School’s Engineering Department
17 Apr

LMC Hosts Bainbridge High School’s Engineering Department

LMC got to host a group of students from Bainbridge High School’s Engineering Department. Their teacher, Mac Lewis, reached out to us in an effort to springboard them into their disciplines of choice which ranged from mechanical to electrical engineering. A few were undecided but we did our best to encourage them to at least travel the world beyond what is familiar to them. In doing so, they’ll get to see the things which bring people together across different cultures. As an international company, LMC strives to do the same.

Special thanks to Zack Conoly for being their tour guide and to everyone else here who helped to share their knowledge with these students. We wish them the best of luck in their future endeavors!

The Third Time’s a Charm!
29 Mar

The Third Time’s a Charm!

Installation of our new 40 foot tall flagpole was completed today and proudly carries an 8 foot by 12 foot flag. The previous flagpole was about 26 feet tall and met its demise after some strong winds. Our brand new flagpole would tower over the very first one we had which was around 10 feet tall. It only took a few days to cut the sidewalk, place the footer, and pour the cement but it is symbolic of LMC’s commitment to improve and grow our company

Thank You
31 Jan

Thank You

LMC would like to thank all of the people who donated goods and other supplies to help our friends and families in Albany, Georgia. We will continue our efforts to bring assistance to those in need so please feel free to share what you can. You can reach us by calling toll free at 800-332-8232 or sending checks or money order donations, gift cards, canned goods, clothing, school supplies, and personal care products to P.O. Box 428, 615 Highway 84 West, Donalsonville, GA 39845 and we’ll do our best to pass your goodwill to those who could use it most.

Visitors from China
23 Oct

Visitors from China


Left to right; Jackie Williams, Yan Jianchun, Joey Trice, Xie Huanxiong, Ignacio Pittaro

The end of this week put the wraps on the Sunbelt Ag Expo which is also known as “North America’s Premier Farm Show”. LMC Ag had a booth showcasing our own agricultural products and it was there Lewis M. Carter, Jr. had the opportunity to meet with some representatives from the Nanjing Research Institute for Agricultural Mechanization at the Ministry of Agriculture in China. They were interested to learn more about our cleaning and shelling equipment.

Lewis directed them to our facility in Donalsonville where Xie Huanxiong, a Researcher, and Yan Jianchun, Research Assistant, got to meet with Jackie Williams, Joey Trice, and Ignacio Pittaro, our sales rep for Argentina and Brazil. Xie and Yan were welcomed to see our manufacturing operations and treated to a brief tour of the nearby APG processing plant so they could experience, firsthand, the real-world application of our world class machinery. In short, it was a great meeting of mutual international interests.


15 Jun

LMC and Premium Peanut celebrate at grand opening event

An estimated 550 folks from the peanut nation, local, state and national leaders and the community convened on Barrington Road in Coffee county to celebrate the Grand Opening of Premium Peanut last Friday, April 22nd. Attendees enjoyed lunch, congratulatory remarks and tours of the plant.

Kent Fountain, Chairman of the Board of Premium Peanut, praised the 7 buying points willing to invest and ‘help make things better for their growers.’ The Peanut Buying Points investing in Premium Peanut includes: Dixon Farm Supply, Irwinville Peanut & Grain, Douglas Peanut and Grain, Southeastern Gin & Peanut, Jeff Davis Peanut and Grain, Dixie Peanut Producers and Deep South Peanut.

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